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""The trip from Victoria to Alaska among the Islands, in the summer time, is perfectly delightful. Leaving scientific interests entirely out of the count, no excursions that I can think of may be made into any other portion of our vast country where so marvelous an abundance of fine scenery is so freely unfolded .... Tracing its shining ways through fiord and sound, past forest and waterfall, island and mountain and far azure headland, it seems as if surely we must at length reach the very paradise of the poets-the abode of the blessed.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Oct. 29, 1879


p. 4, col. 1

Alaska Coast Scenery. Sailing Among the Islands-Delightful Views. Wonderful Variety of Lovely Pictures. Effects of Glaciation-An Archipelago of Evergreen Isles. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Fort Wrangel, Alaska, Sept. 25, 1879.



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