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""In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, on the broad, rugged summit of the Continent, amid snow and ice, and dark shaggy forests, where the great rivers take their rise, there is a region full of wonders, surpassing in wakeful exciting interest any other region yet discovered on the face of the globe .... And, fortunately, while it was as yet almost wholly unknown to the world in general, it was dedicated and set apart in all its strange wild beauty for the benefit and enjoyment of the people-a most noticeable piece of legislation, for which everybody should give thanks."" After describing the exotic beauty of the geysers and the ""grand show"" of the Yellowstone Canyon, Muir concludes his essay, saying: ""To everybody over all the world water is beautiful forever, whether falling upward into the sky in snowy geysers, or downward into deep resounding cafions, or gliding and resting in calm rivers and lakes. Through frost or fire, tranquil or in storm, massed in seas or in drops of dew, or drifting in clouds on the mountains; through all its forms forever and forever water is beautiful.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Oct. 27, 1885


p. 4, col. 1

The Yellowstone Park. A Trip to the Great National Reservation in the Northwest. Among the Great Geysers-Nature's Singular Laboratory-Sources of the Great Rivers. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Yellowstone Park, October 19, 1885.



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