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""The book [Socialism, with Preludes on Current Events] is crowded with good, wholesome, old fashioned truths, vigorously told, with an air of novel scientific discovery, and mixed with a good deal of grotesque absurdity and lame reasoning."" Muir observes that the author ""too often makes one think of a braggart .... In the discussion of the most perplexing subjects, this teacher is always confident of the completeness of the range of his vision ... far more confident than Christ was while contemplating the ills of humanity .... He rolls his good Saxon sentences against the difficulties of his theme like the sea breakers against a bluff, but the difficulties like the bluff continue to loom up out of the spray without seeming much worse after the storm."" This review, which appeared in the column ""New Publications"" is not signed; however, Muir included it in his List of the Published Writings .. . , no. 195.


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Aug. 21, 1880


p. 1, col. 1



Joseph Cook on Socialism.



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