Cutting edge approaches to research on educational leadership: 3 research studies

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Conference Presentation

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University Council for Educational Administration


Orlando, FL

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October 30-November 2, 2008

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As we seek to redefine leadership, we must also redefine new ways of getting at the leadership phenomenon and its complexity (Conger, 998). The purpose, then, of this interactive symposium is to provide a discussion of leadership that focuses on cutting edge approaches not only to what leadership must look like in democratic schools, but how through alternative means of researching leadership through qualitative approaches, we can flesh out the conditions that allow these new leaders to flourish and foster quality teaching and student success. In response this session provides three research studies that consider three cutting edge approaches to leadership and that employ qualitative methodology in an effort to redefine what leadership is and further to better prepare leaders who can therefore foster higher quality teaching and in creased student succes.

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