Paying homage: Identity classification and motivational attributes of Latino youth

Document Type

Conference Presentation

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American Educational Research Association Annual Conference


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Conference Dates

April 13-17, 2012

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Identity classification and motivation are important constructs to consider when preparing meaningful educational experiences. In this study, 19 students self-identified as Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Mexican, or Mexican-American, and were part of a summer college preparation program designed to assist these students with the college application process. Data was collected via student interviews, document analysis of application essays, program applications, personal statements, and self-reflection journals. Findings include a strong importance placed on identity classification as it relates to views of future successes, specific reasons for familial motivation, and the importance of self-motivation within this population. This study provides evidence for links between identity classification and motivation and how to better structure educational climates for the Latino population.

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