Sponsors & Acknowledgements

X-Boundaries - See Us. Hear Us: Addressing the Diversity Gap in Media and Entertainment is sponsored by:

Pacific Arts and Lectures
Conservatory of Music, Music Industry Studies Program
College of Pacific, Media X Program
Dean Rena Fraden, College of the Pacific
Dean Peter Witte, Conservatory of Music
University Diversity Committee
Associated Students University of the Pacific (ASUOP)

Symposium Steering Committee

  • Keith Hatschek, Co-chair, Music Management Program Director
  • Kevin Pontuti, Co-chair, Media X Chair
  • Vernoica A. Wells, Co-chair, Associate Professor, Head of Library Research and Learning Services
  • Colleen Smith, Associate Director, Gender Equity & Pride, Interim Director, Intercultural Student Success
  • Adnan Hashtam, Media X Program Administrator
  • Sylwia Lipiec-Qualls, Marketing, Conservatory of Music
  • Elizabeth Bishop, Marketing, College of the Pacific
  • Angela Lopez-Salazar (’20), Student Production Assistant
  • Kris Jones (’21), Student Production Assistant
  • Lucas Dehner, (’21), Student Production Assistant

Symposium Program: Michele Gibney, Head of Publishing and Scholarship Support, University Libraries

Show Runner: Christine Taunton (MMGT ’07)

Technical advisor: William Lowe, Media X

Additional Support

  • Conservatory Dean’s office: Yvette Khan, Kim Girardi, Melissa Riley, Briana Bacon
  • College of Pacific Dean's office: Sherry Haley
  • ASUOP: Carrie Fox-Buttram, Leslie Rudbeck, Wanda Wright, Olivia Valentino and A&E team
  • University Events: Steve Whyte
  • Catering: Christine Giordani and Bon Appetit staff
  • Public Safety: Dave McAuley