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The majority of studies of non-attendance heve dealt with the entire student body of a school system where the pupils come from many racial or national groups with different economic, social, and cultural backgrounds. In studies where the same racial group was selected the physical environment or the social or economic status of the students differed widely. A wide field of study leaves many questions unanswered or problematical. It is the purpose of the author to confine this study to one racial group.

This is a study of non-attendance in Miguel Hidalgo elementary school where 95 per cent of the student body is Mexican and 90 per cent live within ten blocks of the school. This study is organized:

  1. To provide information regarding the physical and cultural environment of the school.
  2. To predict growth and time of carry or peak enrollment of the school.
  3. To find the relation of age and grade to non-attendance.
  4. To compare length of absence with reason for absence.
  5. To secure data upon which to base suggestions for decreasing non-attendance in Miguel Hidalgo School.

By such a study it is hoped that a solution will be found to the problem of non-attendance in this community and that some of the findings may be applicable to other communities where Mexican pupils form a part of the school population.





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