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Since the World War, the Russian experiment has formed the basis for more comment than any other movement. Of particular interest to the people of the United States has been the Third International, or Comintern, having as its aim World Revolution. Although communism has not had a great deal of influence in the United States as yet, propaganda is being spread to such a great extent that expectations for the future seem significant.

The Third International which was based upon the principles laid down by Karl Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto in 1848, differed from the First and Second International in that its main policy was, and is, active revolution. Although the Third International was really started in Zimmerwald and Kienthal it did not receive real authority until Germany cooperated in carrying out the idea of revolution and in sending over Lenin and Trotsky, who were ardent supporters of the communist idea. The basic principles of the Third International, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, are to "quicken steps toward world revolution," by creating revolutionary proletariat parties which shall be the advance guard of the revolution, to bind the organization together by a common programme and principles and to receive its orders from a. central organization, the bureau of the Third International, to allow individual communist parties in different countries, the real aim is always world revolution and that this should be actively supported in all cases.





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