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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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G. A. Werner


The world recognizes Toyohiko Kagawa as the St. Francis of Japan. His heart is one of pure love like that of St. Francis, but his battle has not been carried on by means of the sermon in a religious denomination. With a heart of love Kagawa has stood in the streets and would save the lives of the people. This is because he was born in 20th century Japan and not in Italy of the Middle Ages.

Fifteen hundred years after the fall of ancient Rome the world once more is about to undergo a mighty change. At this time when a great tide, as it were, is surging up from the broad Pacific a lone Japanese, blessed with keen intuition and deep affection, has come into the world, and is walking in the midst of Japanese society with giant strides. He is a young man, not yet fifty years of age. He has still many years of life on earth. When his saintly journey from village to country, from country to the world, comes to an end, what kind of conditions will he leave behind?