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While there has been a steady movement toward disarmament, and for limitation in this and other lands, with peace pacts to prevent war, naval agreements, treaties and similar moves, there is still a definite need for consideration of our naval defenses. In this discussion, a compilation of public opinions and tendencies, as found in publications, I will tend to show there is considerable interest in our Navy.

This material is not projected as an argument against reasonable limitations, nor an attack: on those advocating; but to reproduce a part of the attitudes of public writing and speaking of our people. It must be granted that there is a tenable argument on either side of the naval question, and no brief is held for either.

In order to bring this up to the title, there must be a broader presentation of one side than the other. No conclusions shall be made in definite form for the reader, nor can there by such done here. The reader, may if he chooses, draw conclusions as to which side he prefers.





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