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Belle Joachimis


Though the original purpose of this thesis was to investigate the cause for criticisms of the acoustical properties of the College Auditorium, it has been enlarged to a study of other Stockton Auditoriums and rooms with the idea of securing a technique of acoustical analysis similar to that of acoustical engineers in the industries. It was planned at first to set up an oscillator and reverberation meter, but it was found that the apparatus expense would be quite prohibitive. This research was therefore confined to noise meter measurements and reverberation calculations, and includes much of architectural and engineering branches. However, this is a most practical and growing field for research and vocational opportunities. Unfortunately, the public is very ignorant of the benefits of acoustical treatment, and little can be done until is is educated in the subject. It was found that in actual practice the sound-pulse photography and ripple-tank studies of the reflections of sound waves and water waves in sectional models of auditoriums, as well as the use of reverberation meters, are not used by acoustical engineers (partly on account of expense, of course), for they need only apply the Sabine formula.



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