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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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J. William Harris


Intramural athletics, in the small high school should be a program of sports for all. The small high school with its limited financial and athletic equipment will do well to recognize the general trend of physical education by developing an athletic program of "activity for activity's sake".

Working in the physical education department of small high schools for the past four years, the writer is aware that there is a need for a program of athletics for all. The program presented in this thesis is the result of investigation and practical experimentation with intramural athletics for boys in the Live Oak Union High School, Morgan Hill, California.

Intramural athletics has been much discussed and studied; but there is still need for setting up workable. programs in small high schools; and it is believed that the program here developed will be usable in other small high schools, where situations are similar. During the year 1931-1932, the intramural sports program has been in operation with excellent results, both in participation and interest. A splendid spirit of co-operation among the students has been developed with a great deal of enthusiasm for participation.