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J. William Harris


Each year shows an Increased enrollment in the universities and colleges of California. The compulsory education law has served to keep more students in high school a longer time and upon graduation many of these pupils desire to attend an institution of higher learning. This fact, together with the influx of people into California from all parts of the United States and abroad to make their homes, has added materially to the numbers of prospective college students.

It has been the policy of the colleges and universities in the State of California to admit graduates from accredited high schools without examination if the applicant hag the unqualified recommendation of the principal of the high school from which he graduates. This group Is designated as recommended students, a group which in most high schools comprises not more than twenty to fifty per cent of the graduating classes. The majority of the higher institutions of California have allowed the decision as to who should he recommended to remain with the secondary school principal. The College of the Pacific has followed the policy of accepting recommended graduates of accredited high schools who present fifteen entrance units, at least twelve of which must be of recommended grade.