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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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Arthur Bomer


In presenting The Case for High School Dramatics the writer wishes, in advance, to be relieved of any charge of specious pleading. It is not maintained that the dramatic method offers a panacea for the teaching of English, for she is also an advocate of continuous drill in the fundamental processes.

In this case of special pleading, however, the effective points of the dramatic method are emphasized to the best of the pleader's ability, and wholly without prejudice to other satisfactory methods of motivating oral and written English.

Several years of study arid observation in the milieu, and the pragmatic teaching by trial and error have placed the writer in a position to plead the case with good conscience. From the theoretical as well as the practical point of view the method stands the pragmatic test — it works. The case is sound.

In brief, dramatics is a method particularly applicable to the present-day student material, and, in combination with thorough drill in the fundamentals, seems to justify its constantly increasing influence in the senior high school curriculum.