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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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Robert Root


The conditions that have prevailed in the United States in the last twenty-five years, compel thoughtful citizens to give careful attention to the disrespect for law that is so marked a characteristic of the period.

Crime and disorder are spread theoughout the length and breadth of the land. This produces problems which should be studies and solved for the good of society. The reaction which accompanies this evil will eventually cause social demoralization.

While attempting to treat this particular evil, social workers have been largely content to deal with surface conditions. Attention has been focused upon the symptom rather than the cause.

Hardened criminals are not made in a day. They are the result of contacts and environment, plus hereditary forces, which have influenced them through years of time. Therefore, a study should be made of delinquent youth for the purpose of understanding the criminal.

For years the criminal acts of delinquent individuals have been catalogued and graded according to the respective felonies and misdemeanors committed. Little has been done however, relative to understanding the cause of delinquency. This statement is not made for the purpose of discounting any good work which has been accomplished; but the accomplishments have been almost negligible in comparison with those in other fields of research.

It is the desire of the writer to set forth in an accurate manner the elements of juvenile criminality, more commonly called delinquency. The terms, criminality and delinquency, will be used interchangeably to designate and infraction against, or a nonconformity to, law and order.