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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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Arthur Bonner [?]


Creation was once a prerogative of the gods. For ages the magic word "genius" served as a harrier to isolate from the common man that one in whom burned the spark of constructive originality. In the past we have never considered the possibility of his being one of the teeming throng who Invade our classrooms daily; or having given way to such an absurdity, we have hastily dismissed the Idea, feeling that, if he were, his presence would surely be announced by the choir invisible or some other divine agency.

Of recent years we have experienced a change of opinion. We are loathe to leave everything to chance and believe that too often, unless the child is made aware of his artistic possibilities early in life and their development has been consciously fostered, they will forever lie dormant and never reach fruition.

Believing this to be true, I was led to the selection of the subject by the reading of Hughes Kearns' graphic and spirited narrative, Creative Youth, wherein he presents the creative possibilities of teaching methods, which to stimulate the minds end spirits of youth. The astounding exhibit of verse included in the double anthology latter half of the hook led me to wonder If creative writing of poetry had penetrated the departments of English in our California High Schools, and if so, how thoroughly the idea had permeated the State, and what degree of success was being attained.