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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Music Education

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Ruth Brittin

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Vu Nguyen

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Darita Seth


This study examines the incorporation of kinesthetic pedagogy in secondary choral rehearsals and its impact on student engagement and learning. Three experienced high school choral teachers and their students from Northern California participated in the study. Each teacher conducted four consecutive rehearsal sessions, recording themselves instructing on two pieces of music using teacher-modeled and student-imitated kinesthetic gestures. Students completed daily surveys assessing their enjoyment and engagement levels, and teachers provided a final reflection on their usual kinesthetic practices. Video footage of twelve rehearsals and teachers’ final reflections were analyzed to identify patterns in kinesthetic usage, revealing that these teachers’ kinesthetic instruction was primarily centered on 1) Rhythmic Pulse/Accuracy, 2) Vowel Shape, and 3) Technical Knowledge. Teachers used almost twice as many kinesthetic prompts when rehearsing with student-imitated kinesthetics compared to kinesthetics modeled only by the teacher. Data from student surveys were analyzed to categorize reasons for enjoyment and identify alignment between students' perceptions of learning and kinesthetic practices. The incorporation of kinesthetic pedagogy in secondary choral rehearsals enhanced student engagement, enjoyment, and learning outcomes.





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