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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Benerd School of Education

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J. Marc Jantzen


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Teachers of economically disadvantaged students face many pragmatic and problematic considerations, one of which is the motoric learning style of their pupils. A theoretical basis for greater involvement in the psycho-motor domain of learning has been presented in educational literature by Dewey, Piaget, Gagne, et al. Recent curriculum approaches seem to neglect psycho-motor development in favor of more cognitive and affective domains of learning.

It is the purpose of this film-study to 1) show the application of manipulative instructional aids in teaching Social Studies to economically disadvantaged seventh grade students; and 2) to depict, through the use of film, actual student participation in the learning activity.

This study attempts to answer four questions; 1) Who are the economically disadvantaged? 2) What (in part) is the nature of their present learning problem? 3) What are manipulative instructional aids? 4) How may they be used in the classroom to teach the basic subjects, particularly seventh grade Social Studies?



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