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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Benerd School of Education

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Fred Estes, Ed.D.

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Laura Hallberg, Ed.D.

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Kathy Hart, Ph.D.

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Lisa Cooper-Wilkins, Ed.D.


The study explored how storytelling develops resilience in Black women, enabling them to thrive after overcoming adversity. Storytelling can be conducted in a variety of ways, such as through writing, interaction with others, and self-analysis, however, this study will focus on the value of informal oral storytelling through the interactions with others. Studies reveal that Black women are disproportionately impacted by inequities concerning equal rights, employment, equal pay, education, discrimination, affordable healthcare and housing, criminal justice, and voting rights. Despite these inequities, Black women are significant contributors to the workforce, economy, and society, demonstrating resilience. There is limited research that includes Black women’s voices in counter response to inequities and how storytelling increases their resilience, enabling them to thrive. The study reviewed literature of Black women’s history, Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, adult personal resilience, Resilience Theory, storytelling, and narrative inquiry. I interviewed Black women and, in that process, invited them to share stories and artifacts demonstrating their resilience. The study examined who shared stories with these Black women and who they shared their stories with. The study explored whether Black women increased their resilience to thrive through storytelling. The study applied the qualitative research approach using narrative inquiry and Resilience Theory as the theoretical framework. The study aimed to diminish the literature gap and provide a counter-narrative on how Black women increase their resilience to thrive through storytelling.





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