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W. Brown


This "Outline of Interior Decoration" is termed "Pictorial" because as much of its value lies in its pictures as in its text. They should visually reiterate the ideas which are exemplified by the text. It is called an "Outline" because it is necessarily limited in scope. Although emphasizing only the major points of the subject, it is however intended to provide a general study of Interior Decoration for the ordinary reader or the student. It is felt that for both this Thesis will offer an artistically sound and practical guide for the decoration of the simple, small house.

Some expensive furnishing units have been shown, it is true, for the purpose of establishing a quality-ideal for the purchaser who is constantly having to force herself to buy inexpensive things, and unfortunately inexpensive things are so frequently ugly that unless one keeps before the mind's eye even an unattainable goal and ideal, one's taste may retrograde. The majority of the pictures, however, show simple furnishing units.

Each of the chapters deals with a fundamental principle of Interior Decoration, with which the decorator must be familiar, if he would achieve a definitely artistic effect. The application of these principles of scale, color, balance, rhythm, etc. is considered not once, but is repeated in its relation to the most important rooms of the house, and to the various furnishing units that constitute these rooms. This reiteration of principles with emphasis placed, upon their application in each room, establishes the framework upon which this thesis is built.





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