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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Music Therapy

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Eric G. Waldon

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Fei-Lin Hsiao

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Rachelle Kisst Hackett


The purpose of this study was to determine if a short video presentation, about music therapy in behavioral health, had a positive effect on staff members’ beliefs about music therapy in that setting. A total of 26 staff members, from different departments, participated in the study and completed a pre- and post-presentation questionnaire. Responses were analyzed and compared to investigate whether the video had a positive effect on staff members’ beliefs about music therapy in behavioral health. Participant demographics and pre- and post-video questionnaire responses were also analyzed and compared to explore the differential impact of the video by subgroups of specific demographic categories. Based on the results, there was evidence that there was favorable change in participants’ relevance beliefs about music therapy in behavioral health. In addition, pre- and post-questionnaire differences in means scores were larger for those working in activities than those working in nursing, larger for those who had not observed a music therapist working in behavioral health than for those who had, and larger for those who did not have a musical background when compared with those that did.





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