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Contemporary civilization of the western world represents a combination of material development and moral degeneration, Value is measured in 'space' not in 'spirit'. Antecedent to the complications of life with its sufferings) 'fiddlers fees' and disillusionments, how very few realize that true pleasure is not in having, but in being? Fewer still are those whose feelings, thoughts and actions are conscious, aware, self-chosen and self-directed. More often than not, introspection reveals that most are not masters, but the mastered, victims of moods and conflicts...

However, deep dissatisfaction with life as it appears to be and with the individual's adaption to everyday experience are universal among mankind and are not the symptom of any age or race or stage of civilization. In every age there have been those who were acutely aware of this dissatisfaction and whose lives were spent in a prolonged endeavor to find a remedy for it, and to help their fellow men benefit from this remedy. In pursuit of this objective, Indian sages impressed the wisdom of brahmacarya centuries ago. Brahmacarya is an embracive principle of life and spiritual pursuits governing each of the four stages of life. Its objective being the mastery over sensuous desires.





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