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J. William Harris


This thesis will trace the major developments in the field of health education in the public schools or the Territory of Hawaii from the beginnings made in 1009 to the present time. Some attention will be paid to developments on the Islands or Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai; but the greater emphasis will be placed on the work done on the Island of Oahu.

The public schools of the Territory of Hawaii are at present carrying on an extensive health program. The special health class work seems to be receiving more attention in the non-English standard schools. The need is more pronounced in these schools than in the English standard schools, and this, no doubt, accounts for the greater degree of interest shown. Perhaps the greatest progress has been made in some of the plantation schools. While these schools are a part of the public school system, they are also an integral part of the plantation community. In many instances, the entire school population of a plantation school is made up entirely of children whose parents work on the plantation. The officials on the plantation are vitally interested in the welfare of their workers and their families, and they are eager to do all that is possible to improve health conditions.

This study is based on information obtained on several trips to Hawaii. It includes observations, made over a period of more than three years and experiences as an exchange teacher in a health class at Ewa, Oahu.





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