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This study examined the effectiveness of two behavioral parent-training teaching models on the acquisition of six parenting skills (play, praise, tangible rewards, effective commands, ignoring, and time-out). One method focused more on didactic instruction with video modeling using the Incredible Years manualized treatment, while the other method focused more exclusively on rehearsal and structured feedback. Participants were 32 parents with children aged between I month and 20 years from the Central Valley region of California that participated in a group parent-training program. Structured role-plays with corresponding task analyses were used to assess parent skill integrity. Baseline scores were compared to the 1-week follow-up assessment scores. Results indicated that scores for the 32 participants significantly improved from baseline to the follow-up assessment for each of the six skills. The percentage of participants that reached mastery criterion at follow-up was significantly higher for the rehearsal and structured feedback method across each of the six skills. Statistical analyses revealed that there was a significant interaction between teaching method and assessment time for the skill play, rehearsal and structured feedback method improving more than didactic instruction and video modeling.



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