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Our American school system with its distinction between elementary and secondary schools grew out of European tradisione. The history of secondary education in America abone that there have been three periods of development, each characterized by a dietinot type of school. As our colonial policies were shaped by Europeans, naturally our schools were organized to confora with the European institutions; and the Latin grammar school was the dominant institution for secondary education in American until the middle of the eighteenth century. During the Revolutionary period there was a tendency to turn from the school fostering social distinction to one more democratic in nature; and the private academy arose to supply training demanded by the social and economic needs of the tines. The next logical step extended public support and control to an institution combining the beet characteristics of the Latin grammar school and the academy resulting in the establishment of the first its high school in 1621. School officials and school patrons of the present str have united in an attempt to develop a national policy to education and at the same time to adapt established schools to individual localities.