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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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Felix A.Wallace


While still attempting to decide on a topic for a thesis study, the author was asked, "How far from the up- ports of a continuous-bean reinforced-concrete bridge should the reinforcing for negative moment extend into the spany." It was a simple question, and the reason for it being asked was that a particular structure, the one shown in the frontispiece, had developed transverse cracks in the surface of the deck structure a distance of three and a half feet from the center of both interior supports. (See the plan view in figure 6, Appendix.) The cracks were by no means wide. but rather of the type that one sees so often in reinforced- concrete structures, and would in themselves give no cause for alarm regarding the security of the bridge. The fact that they were somewhat asymmetrically located in the structure, however, would lead one to wonder whether or not there might be some slight structural defect in the bridge. To answer the question, the writer decided that an analysis of the structure in the region of the cracking we necessary. After procuring eet of the plans from which the bridge was built and obtaining the necessary data concerning the specifications under which it was designed,the investigation was begun.





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