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Present day culture is based upon physical goods and the benefits derived from them. stemming from this physical culture is the desire of possession. Since it is impossible for one person to posses everything, the desire is translated into potential possession. That is, the acquisition of a type of goods that can be exchanged for any other goods at the desire of the individual. This potential goods in money. Thus it becomes the chief sin of every person to acquire money. In order to accumulato a supply of money, an individual must no combine the three factors of production, land, labor, and capital, that they will bring in the greatest return. The three factors will not be applied in the same ratio in every case. The amount used of each boing dependent upon the relative supply available. If labor in searce it is advisable to use larger quantities ir Iand and capital and less inbor. The asno is true for either of the other two produstion factors.