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This original panuscript of Teo-ch'an 1, . the Procedure of Dhyana, is part of a collection of eight voluman of 勍修百丈清规, Ch'sh Hau Pe Ca Ching Kuel, or in Japanese, the Chokushu Hyakujo Shingi. Its compiler is, Tokki or Te-kuel who, in 元朝, the the Yuan Dynasty, 1280-1368, received an imperial 大智夀聖禪寺, He resided at the $$ decree to do this work. He resided at 2 Shuo Chih Shou Sheng Shan Szu, which was in a locality that was a part of the Pai Chang mountains, in Hong Chow, about 150 miles east of Hankow. This monastery was started in, the T'ang Dynasty, (618-905 A.D.), ita master HuaiHal (720-814 A.D.), a disciple of achu (709-786A.0.), saw the nest for a better plated 2 monastery. He felt the groups at that time were too contemplative and were withdrawing within themselves more and more. Emphasis on other-worldliness was 1,2) See Appendix.



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