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In recent years, a new conception of religious drama has been initiated into the church. Its aim is to provide a strong channel for the development of high character and stalwart personality, and most of all to depict life situations which have a definite Christian message for the world, today. Some churches have responded quite readily, others have been slow in their acceptance of the new method of dramatics in the church. However, recent progress indicates a hopeful future. The survey was made to study this growing field, as the author believes dramatization to be one of the strongest factors which can be used in the churches. In fact, the writer believes that the acting of religious plays will sup- lement sermons in the near future, in conveying the message of Christ and in inspiring nobler living. Therefore, Part One is devoted to a survey of the development, since the World War, in order to understand what has been accomplished in the last few years. What has been done in the paint is very often a challenge as to what can be done in the future. The writer feels quite optimistic for the cause of religious dramtics.



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