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Some knowledge of the California School Law is presumed to be a part of the professional training of every teacher. A specific course in State School Administration and School Law in a prerequisite to the securing of an Administration Credential. The courses offered and the resultant use of the Education Code are not enough to make members of the teaching profession conversant with the many and varied aspects of legal restrictions and permissions concerning the California School System. The ordinary layman who has not had even the basis training in legal knowledge is even more inept at finding the law. Those who use the Code, therefore, find it necessary to search the Index of the Education Code in hope of finding the answer to the question confront- ing them. Few people who use the Education Code are so well versed in the law that they can find the information they seek without the help of and regular use of an Index. The Index, then, becomes a necessary tool for teachers and others in the field of Education.





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