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The task I have set myself is one to which my interest has been led by a varied experience in high school teaching followed by several years teaching in college where our high school product is largely disposed of. In all that experience the giving of grades was a bugbear, a necessary evil apparently, and it occurred to me that if those grades had or could be made to have some value beyond the moment, sone directive or prognostic value, they might lose their 111-reputation in the minds of both pupil and teacher. With this thought in mind I interviewed the Registrar of the College of the Pacific and received his hearty approval and free access to the student records of the College. Using this privilege I have made a careful study of the high school and college grades of the graduates with the A.B. degree since 1921. The high school credentials of many of these graduates, however, gave simply the information "Recommended" in the various subjects, hence I could not consider those, so my first group for study, of whom I have complete records, consists of one hundred and nineteen graduates.