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The age of chivalry with its color and romance is remembered usually as a story-book existence which is pleasant and exciting to read about. Forgotten too often are the ideals and the splendid code of conduct which actuated the heroic deeds. It cannot be said that all knights wore admirable and incorruptible, but out of their period, embodied in its literature, has come to us a way of life. Sir Galahad, St. George, Arthur--whichever one is called to mind-- each want through life fighting relentlessly, sometimes foolishly, but always gloriously against impossible odds as he pursued his ideal. Courageous and honest, he fought for his God, for his King, and for his lady love. Those three symbolized for him greater things--when he fought for his God he was fighting the Christian battle for the weak and oppressed; when he fought for his King he was fighting the loyal battle for the authority which offered him protection; when he fought for his lady it was to protect all woman- kind and the children they bore.280