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J. William Harris

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Marion Ochsner Pease


The ability to see the beauty that is all around us in the world is a matter of training. We call this ability appreciation. It is an attitude of mind that brings much joy to the possessor.

Appreciation must be definitely taught if the children are to no- quire such an attitude of mind, which is not an accidental by-product of any and all art instruction, as many art teachers in the past have considered it, but is the outcome of a definite teaching method. It is possible to confine one's teaching to the presentation of facts, making the procedure a scientific accumulation without producing the slightest feeling of appreciation for art values. Therefore, in this course of study prepared especially for ninth year students of the junior high school Sacramento, the teaching method is to be considered as well as the material used.

In order that there may be desirable outcomes or results there must be aims and objectives. Aims are general statements assumed to be true until proven false. Objectives are more specific and help to make the general aim usable.





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