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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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E Grace Ward


Although the subject of pottery would appear to the layman to be one of complicated formulas and difficult technical requirements, it is possible to reduce the on- tire procedure to a series of simple, logical processes. To do this is the purpose for which this thesis has been undertaken.

It seems advisable to reduce the entire subject of elementary pottery to fifteen lessons, for two reasons. (1) The instructor who must teach the subject in one semester of eighteen weeks will be enabled by this plan to cover the subject logically and completely if she will adhere to the divisions which have been made. This will give ample time for outside work, tests, etc. (2) The craftsman who wishes to express himself in one more medium, or the home-maker who merely desires the diversion of self-expression, will find the directions, given in this logical sequence, so clear and untechnical that he cannot fail, with sufficient practice, to achieve definite results