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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


American Academy of Asian Studies

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Man's prime interest is man. This interest has been and still is the prime mover in all that man does. For no matter what his method, he is ultimately seeking to solve the riddle of himself. It is imperative that he obtain this information so that he may be better able to direct himself in the fulfillment of his being. Thus, it is the connate objective of all men, in their own diverse ways, to seek the essence, the 'ding an sich, that which makes man man. In this search many efforts have been and are still being made. Each individual feels that his is the correct method, and so far as he does, he directs his devotion with more or leas fervour. So some men can be seen dismembering the bodies of the deceased down to the minutest cell, others testing and compounding chemicals and elements, while others seek the solution of the why and wherefore of the human machine in other actions of nature.



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