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Purpose of the survey. This is the psychological moment in Moorish history in which to examine the marriage customs of the country. With the advent of Moroccan Independence in 1956, Moroccan manners and customs entered a state of flux--combining the old traditions with new and modern ways of living. As a result, weddings may become simpler, and the marriage outlook may become more vest- ernized; but, the background for both institutions will remain rooted in the age-old traditions and beliefs. It is these we will discuss in this thesis. They may possibly disappear within our own lifetimes, and it is, therefore, of fundamental importance that these cultural traditions concerning marriage be preserved. To my knowledge there has been no other study of this subject made in America. Many tourists and students have published comprehensive works on Moorish life, and, of course, have discussed marriage within the framework of a total study. Only westermarck's Marriage Ceremonies in Morocco has dealt with the subject of itself.





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