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Master of Arts (M.A.)


American Academy of Asian Studies

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Haridas Chaudhuri

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Kazumitsu Kato

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Lloyd Saxtor

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Frederic Spiegelberg

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Ved Vrat


What is the psychosocial condition of Western man? What has happened to Apollonian man, characterized by order, harmony and leisure? Why has the ideal or Apollonian man (so well described by Nietzsche and Spengler) given way to Dionysian man ... Faustian man? Whence has gone the Apollonian safeguard, essential to measure, constraint, health and love?

How really sick is Western man? Why is he not at peace with himself, his family, his associates, people in other countries who may have political philosophies different from his own ... nay, with God? An inventory of the concrete condition of Western man may perhaps be appreciated by surveying some of the high points in his current psychosocial predicament. Some of the more critical areas in the human condition of Faustian man in the latter half of the twentieth century are briefly explored in the present chapter, prior to a consideration of some salutary ways to mental health ... both West and East.