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Master of Education (M.Ed.)



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J.W. Harris


Elementary science has made rapid strides in the last four or five years. In our elementary schools we have the laymen and scientists of tomorrow. The masses should have a speaking acquaintance with science and know the value to society through its modern inventions and discoveries. Knowledge of facts discovered by scientists give rise to conceptions that vitalize thinking in many fields and cause the redirection of human activities. Scientific conceptions such as time, space, change, variety, adaptation, and interrelationships have exerted profound influence upon thinking in wide areas of human affairs. These concepts can never be mastered, but they may become part of the whole learning process and provide enrichment to the experiences of the children in the elementary school. It is of greatest importance in developing a course of study suited to use in the Stockton Unified School District that consideration be given to a basic philosophy that shall guide us in the determination of our aims and methods and in the selection of the activities and subject matter. [...]





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