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Music Therapy

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Eric G. Waldon

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Feilin Hsiao


The purpose of this study was to investigate the formation of music preference in an effort to identify specific ages when preferred music is likely to be discovered. One hundred one individuals participated in an online survey, answering questions about their listening habits, music preferences, and the social elements that contributed most to those preferences. Participants were asked to identify their current, second, and third favorite music at the time of the study and whether their preferences had changed over time. According to findings, males were likely to discover their current favorite music at the age of 12.46 years, and females were likely to discover their current favorite music at the age of 13.23 years. Parents, friends, and the radio were shown to be the most common influences towards preference discovery. Of those surveyed, 69.3 % of participants acknowledged that their preferences had changed over time. However, the current methodology lacked the specificity to determine the scope of that change, leaving room for future study. The results hold implications for not only the field of music therapy, but also for any other fields utilizing preferred music to achieve a specific result.



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