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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Educational and School Psychology

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Linda Webster

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Justin Low

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Christina Siller


Parental involvement has been found to be a significant influence in determining whether adolescents are more likely to succeed academically (Georgiou & Tourva, 2007). Amongst other influences, parental involvement has been shown to impact the ability to resist negative peer influence. Additionally, having a sense of belongingness influences the probability that an adolescent will aspire to achieve higher educational aspirations (Bouchard & Berg, 2017). However, researchers have yet to examine the combination of the importance of belongingness and the impact of positive peer influence on adolescents' educational aspirations. The present study aimed to investigate whether parental involvement had a significant effect on peer influence and belongingness on adolescents’ educational aspirations after controlling for gender and socioeconomic status. This study analyzed data collected as part of the NICHD-SECCYD comprehensive longitudinal study. Specifically, the effects of peer influence and belongingness on educational aspirations were analyzed in AMOS27, using a path analysis model with parental involvement as a predictor variable. Although, the results did not support that sense of belongingness has a significant influence on educational aspirations for self-concept in English and math, it did have a significant influence on self-concept. Furthermore, positive peer influence did not have a significant influence on educational aspirations for self-concept in English, math and sports. Additionally, results did not support sense of belongingness and peer influence as a mediator between parental involvement and educational aspiration. Nevertheless, findings supported that positive parental involvement does have a significant influence on educational aspirations.





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