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In August, 1959, Pacific Marine Station became an active participant in the California Co-operative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (C.C.O.F.I.). The program began in 1949 as an investigation of factors that might be associated with the disappearance of the California Sardine. Since that time, the general scope and purpose has broadened, and new information about the coastal water of California has been obtained. With each passing year, more information is being gathered and put to use. Participation in this program by Pacific Marine Station has consisted of taking monthly oceanographic observations near the head of Bodega Submarine Canyon, twenty-five miles west of Bodega. Along with routine plankton tows taken for the C.C.O.F.I program, another tow was taken which was retained at Pacific Marine Station. From the latter, I have taken the material for the following report.

Chaetognaths were present in every tow, in varying numbers and species. One species in particular was thought to be out of place inn our tows (this was recently described as a new species by Alvarino, 1962). This paper is a discussion of the chaetognaths obtained in the tows over a fourteen-month period, and their relations to water movements in the vicinity of the sampling station.



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