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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences

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Vyacheslav V. Samoshin

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Liang Xue

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Andreas Franz

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Jerry Tsai

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Sven Hackbusch


Amino-cyclohexanol derivatives have been successful models for pH-triggered conformational switches. By changing the groups on the amine nitrogen, these models provide a wide pH-range in which a switch can occur. The pH-induced switch of conformation can be monitored by 1H NMR.In this work, structurally similar trans-2-(azaarylsulfanyl)-cyclohexanol derivatives (Scheme 1) and trans-2-triazolylcyclohexanol derivatives (Scheme 2) have been explored for the first time as compounds with a potential for the analogous pH-induced conformational switch. The azaarylsulfanyl groups showed selective conformational flexibility while the triazolyl group showed a strong preference for the equatorial position. Further, conformational studies were done on a series of trans-2-triazolylcyclohexanols and triazolycyclohexanes to determine the previously unknown conformational energy of the triazolyl group.In addition, a series of carbasugar analogues based on trans-2-(1,2,3-triazolyl)-cyclohexanol moiety was synthesized and tested for activity (inhibition or activation) towards fungal glycosidases from Aspergillus and Penicillium sp due to the growing use of triazoles in the pharmaceutical industry.



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