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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Learning, Leadership and Change

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Brett Taylor

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Fred Estes

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Edward O. Wilson


This dissertation is a qualitative-based program evaluation that explored the existing charter school accountability measures, processes, and oversight systems of the California Department of Education (CDE) in relation to State Board of Education (SBE)-authorized charter schools. This dissertation further explored the potential program improvements that could be implemented to improve the charter school oversight functions of the SBE and CDE. After a charter school receives authorization and approval to operate, the degrees of accountably and oversight vary dependent upon the charter authorizer and the oversite entity. This dissertation study aimed to discover how charter schools authorized by the SBE are held accountable as the SBE delegates its oversight authority to the CDE. Data were collected from the CDE by way of interviews, artifact analysis, and participatory research. Furthermore, this dissertation study aimed to delineate how accountability and oversight systems subsequently impact both charter schools and authorizers, as these two entities are currently governed by the outdated Charter School Act of 1992. Finally, this dissertation study aimed to provide recommendations which may potentially be used as a guide to influence future legislation and or improve the CDE’s charter schools oversight processes. The findings of this study included six recommendations for future practice and three recommendations for future research.





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