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Emerson G. Cobb


The keytones are representative of one of the large groups of compounds of Organic Chemistry. Phenyl-methyl-ketone is the simplest representative of the mixed aliphatic-aromatic ketones. It is a member of a group of compounds which are soporific and hypnotic and are used in medicine as sleep producers and sedatives. It is found to a small extent in coal tar. It has basic properties and is extracted from the heavy oil of coal tar with sulfuric acid.

The purpose of this research is to synthesize one of the compounds which is not present in the compilation of the natural lists and to investigate its properties. The compound that is the focus of this research is acetyl acetophenone. It is next to phenyl-methyl-ketone in the group of mixed aliphatic-aromatic ketones. The relation between these two compounds can best be shown by their structural formulae: PHENYL-METHYL-KETONE [see PDF file for formula] [see PDF file for formula] ACETHYL ACETOPHEMONE



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