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Master of Science (M.S.)


Speech-Language Pathology

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Derek Isetti

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Jeannene Ward-Lonergan

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Michael Susca


Parkinson ’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurological disorder that affects one’s movement. As the disease develops, individuals begin to present with symptoms that include but are not limited to bradykinesia, rigidity, tremors, and hypokinetic dysarthria. These symptoms affect a person’s entire body, including his/her voice. The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) program for treating individuals with PD is supported by over twenty-five years of research. It is considered a safe, non-invasive method to improve vocal loudness and speech clarity in individuals with PD. However, simply because LSVT is effective in its current state, it does not mean that the protocol is the most efficient or effective it can be. One potential shortcoming of LSVT is that it does not provide patients with much, if any, visual feedback. We hypothesized that visual feedback would enable the client to more easily produce a voice characterized by increased loudness and vocal quality. The results of the study do not fully support this hypothesis. There was less variability in the client’s performance within each session during the experimental weeks the patients performance over the course of the week improved, this pattern was not observed during the non-experimental weeks. Additionally, the participant expressed preference for treatment days when the visual feedback was used, finding it helpful in more effectively regulating the volume of his voice.





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