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Master of Science (M.S.)


Biological Sciences

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Eric O. Thomas

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Jane Khudyakov

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Doug Risser

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Ajna Rivera


The primary goal of the project was to find nucleotide sequences potentially encoding a pheromone from the breeding gland of Hymenochirus boettgeri. The reasons in searching for the sequence of a pheromone were to better understand the organism and to use the information for application in reproduction of other species. Due to climate change and rampant deforestation, such as in Africa’s Congo Basin, many amphibian species are being threatened. With these increasing threats, a viable option for the future may be breeding in captivity for the amphibian species. Pheromone characterization from the breeding gland of Hymenochirus boettgeri may help with better understanding of reproduction in other species. Overall, five candidate signaling peptides that have the potential to be a pheromone from the breeding gland were found with transcriptome assembly and annotation of the breeding gland. The project focused on obtaining transcriptome data for the breeding gland by 1) RNA sequencing 2) de novo transcriptome assembly and 3) transcriptome annotation. The transcriptome of the breeding gland is now available for future proteomic studies.



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