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Sport Sciences

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Courtney Jensen

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Mark Van Ness

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Laura Whiteley


Sports clubs are a program ran through Pacific Recreation at the University of the Pacific. This study determines whether using services and facilities that Pacific Recreation offers has a statistically significant relationship with students joining or participating in sports clubs.

METHOD: When a student comes into the Baun Fitness Center to work out, participate in a class, take part of personal training, or climb the rock tower, that student has to swipe into the facility and service of choice. The same process occurs for when a student wants to use external services like Intramural Sports and Informal Recreation. Quantitative data were pulled from Innosoft Fusion, software that Pacific Recreation utilizes to manage and track their facilities, programs, and services. 2,332 individual student datum were analyzed from the information received from Innosoft Fusion to measure student engagement from the Fall 2017 semester.

RESULTS: The Baun Fitness Center and other external services were found to play a significant role with association with participation in sports clubs. Participation in Baun Fitness Center workouts, rock tower, informal recreation, tiger training, and intramural sports associates with participation in sports clubs. It was determined that for each additional individual that participates in these services or programs, there would be an increased chance of individuals to also participate in sports clubs.

CONCLUSION: It was concluded that there are additional ways for sports clubs to advertise and promote their clubs for recruitment. Pacific Recreation’ marketing department can use the results from this study to analyze and plan additional marketing strategies that can use cross-promotion from the programs, services, and facilities Pacific Recreation has to offer. This study recommends multiple future research ideas for Pacific Recreation to take apart in to gain new insights on participation and marketing ideas from all of their programs.





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