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INTRODUCTION: Milton Bradley founded the manufacturing company which bears his name in the year 1860. His company was engaged in the production of games and amusements when, in 1868, he was introduced to Froebel's kindergarten principles and practices. Throughout the remainder of his lifetime (he died in 1911). Bradley was a participant in the kindergarten movement. His home was in Springfield, Massachusetts.

PROBLEM: The present study was designed for the purpose of researching Milton Bradley's educational endeavors in the context of the kindergarten movement in America. Specifically, the study was designed ( 1) to review the extent of Mil-ton Bradley's activities in promoting the kindergarten movement and (2) to examine his contributions in the area of the kindergarten curriculum.

PROCEDURES: The primary concern of the research was to examine the extent of Bradley's educational ac·ti vi ties. In order to place his endeavors in historical perspective the following factors relating to the kindergarten movement in America were considered: the early childhood educational interviews oi' European theorists; Friedrich Froebel' s teachings and philosophy; elements contributing to the growth of' the kindergartens in America; features -of the kindergarten curriculum.; and American educators involved in the kindergarten movement. Another perspective on Bradley• s educational activities was gained by assembling biographical information about hlm.

FINDINGS: The data obtained from the research procedures indicate (1) that Bradley's participation l.n the kindergarten movement was extensive; and 2.) that he made an important contribution to the kindergarten curriculum. through his work in developing color for use in the instructional program. His endeavors can be summarized: (1) Froebel's teachings and .philosophy were promoted through instructional materials and through his (Bradley's) writings; (2) he made color materials and color lessons available to teachers (3) a significant contribution was made through his writings and by publication of periodical literature and books. In view of his education endeavors, Milton Bradley can well be called one of the pioneers of the kindergarten movement in America.



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