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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



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Paul H. Gross

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Donald K. Wedegaertner

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Richard P. Dodge

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Charles A. Matuszak

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Fuad M. Nahhas


A new cyclic protective group has been fused to the cis amino alcohol group of benzyl 2-amino-3,5-o-benzylidene-2-deoxyβ-D-Allopyranoside, by way of a unique rearrangements mechanism. To establish the 2-morpholinone structure, chemical studies, such as reduction and acetylation were conducted.

Comparative spectroscopic studies using ir, pmr, and C-13 nmr confirmed the assigned structures.

The 2-morpholinone ring was cleaved by mild alkaline hydrolysis and could be closed again with acetic anhydride in pyridine. An oxazolidinone derivation of benzyl 2-amino-4,6-o-benzylidene-2-deoxyβ-D-allopyranoside was prepared in a quantitative yield by a modification of a known method.

Protective group properties of the oxazolidinone were studied prior to the examination of the 2-morpholinone cyclic protective group. The selective removal of the benzyl aqlycon was achieved in excellent yield by catalytic hydrogenation, for both morpholinone and oxazolidinone protected benzyl-β-D-Allopyranoside. The selective removal of the 4,6-o-benzylidone group in presence of a 2-morpholinone ring was possible in high yield. The cleavage of the 2-morpholinone protective group was accomplished in two steps. Mild alkaline hydrolysis cleaved the ester function of the ring and mild acidic hydrolysis cleaved its amino function.





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