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Master of Science (M.S.)



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Elizabeth Basha

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Michael Doherty

Second Committee Member

Chadi El Kari


Autonomous vehicles will help society if they can easily support a broad range of driving environments, conditions, and vehicles.

Achieving this requires reducing the complexity of the algorithmic system, easing the collection of training data, and verifying operation using real-world experiments. Our work addresses these issues by utilizing a reflexive neural network that translates images into steering and throttle commands. This network is trained using simulation data from Grand Theft Auto V~\cite{gtav}, which we augment to reduce the number of simulation hours driven. We then validate our work using a RC car system through numerous tests. Our system successfully drive 98 of 100 laps of a track with multiple road types and difficult turns; it also successfully avoids collisions with another vehicle in 90\% of the trials.